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Mid-Autumn Celebration on Sep 2018

On the 21st of September 2018, we celebrated our annual Mid-Autumn Festival. The main aim of this celebration was to allow the children to experience and understand the history behind celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Malaysia. We also wanted to gather our student’s families and appreciate quality time spent together as the concept of this festival is to bring ‘togetherness’ and ‘reunion’ to family.

The event featured talent by our darling students. First our Mandarin Class recited a poem called ‘Quiet Night Thoughts’, they were then followed by the entire student body singing the song ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’. It was such a wonderful performance because our children spent weeks of practice learning the poem and the song, their hard work really paid off! Next, we hosted a traditional musician who played the ‘Er Hu’ instrument for us. It was a delight for our parents and children to experience the beauty of a traditional Chinese instrument. We continued our celebration by sharing a meal together and exploring the cultural booths the teachers had provided on subjects like: Traditional Chinese Tea, Mooncake Preparation, and Classical Chinese Riddles.

Our event ended with a Lantern Walk around the school compound. Parents and children were asked to bring Chinese Lanterns from home for this part of our event. It was such of a special moment as their Chinese Lanterns brightly lit up the night. As we watched them round the compound we were struck with gratitude and wished for an equally beautiful celebration next year.


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