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Welcome to JOYKIDS

JoyKids International Preschool provides fun learning and fantastic facilities with dedicated staff and proven curricula. Established with the goal of making early learning enjoyable for children, JoyKids offers a secure, stimulating environment in which kids can develop and grow. We use both Montessori and Thematic Integrated curriculums to help the children reach their fullest potential.

Staff at JoyKids are passionate about delivering the school’s objective of ‘Nurturing Our Young Generation’. Our fully trained teachers understand and respond to the individual needs of each child. Staff at JoyKids are committed to seeing and helping develop the potential for success in every student. Learning and development at JoyKids stretches beyond the typical reaches of a classroom. Our approach promotes the holistic growth of children in a safe and comfortable environment that gives parents absolute peace of mind and allows kids to explore their creativity and passion.

Complete Curriculum

When it comes to education of any kind or level, the framework that supports it is of course crucial. JoyKids has settled for nothing less than the best, adopting two of the world’s most recognised approaches.

The use of Montessori and Thematic programmes ensures a supportive learning environment for children from 18 months to 6 years old. The framework also allows for positive development of social, cognitive, emotional, physical and creative strengths.

As Mandarin is fast becoming one of the most important languages in the world, JoyKids provides extra Mandarin classes for full-day students taught by an internationally certified teacher from China.

Education Beyond the Classroom

JoyKids range of After School Activities, or ASAs, allows for further development through a range of exciting activities. Our school campus provides a stunning bright and modern environment with spacious playgrounds and state-of-the-art sporting facilities. From arts and crafts, ballet and gymnastics to tennis, golf and music, the activities encourage children to express and enjoy themselves while doing something new. The ASAs are also a great way for children to interact with kids from different age groups.

JoyKids International Preschool was established with the objective of making learning fun. For this purpose, The Club was chosen as the location for our school and we take pride in providing a vibrant, joyful, stimulating, nurturing and secure learning environment that is conducive to the development and self-esteem of our children. We utilise both Montessori and a Thematic Integrated curriculum in all of our teaching programmes.

Our Beliefs

At JoyKids we respect every child’s personality and truly believe in their potential to become capable, highly responsible and confident individuals. We believe all this can be cultivated through education.


We will help and nurture each child to reach his/her highest potential. JoyKids facilitates the holistic growth of the child within a safe and nurturing environment.


We will apply creativity, passion, love, integrity and respect in the development of every child. We will encourage our children to explore their different strengths, talents and interest at their own stage of development and help them to fulfil their maximum potential.


At JoyKids, our objective is to nurture our young generation. While academics are a significant part of that process, academics alone are not enough to raise the well-rounded, caring, multi-talented, socially perceptive individuals who are equipped to change the world.

That is why we strive to challenge our students both personally and academically. Our values are clear in everything that we do. Purposeful play teaches children about sharing and taking turns; sports introduces perseverance, dedication and working with others; after school activities help to form concentration and build confidence in getting better at something; and field trips inspire interest in discovering new things.

Our teachers and staff approach the children with love and respect. We believe that it is important to understand each child’s needs; in turn, the child will feel respected and cared for, will be more willing to engage in new experiences and will feel comfortable asking questions and taking leaps in the classroom.

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