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We follow a Programme Thematic Integrated Curriculum for pre-schoolers. The aim is to provide a curriculum that all children can follow to establish a foundation for later achievement in primary school.

We respect the children’s needs for learning through concrete and hands-on experience. Therefore, we have designed a developmentally appropriate program for children of different age groups by using Thematic Approach. This program will integrate the following six main areas of learning:

Knowledge and understanding of the world

This area encourages children’s development of knowledge and understanding of the environment, other people and features of the natural and man-made world to provide a foundation for historical, geographical, scientific and technological learning.

Personal and Social Development

Children learn how to get along well with their peers and adults in the school. They learn about other cultures and religions and learn to respect each other.

Language and Literacy

Language is used for a variety of purposes in everyday living and learning. It is used to express ideas, to give and gain information, for imaginative purposes and thinking. At JoyKids language development is integrated across all areas of learning. Children are encouraged to use their language skills broadly and imaginatively. For instance, when planning projects children present their information as reports, on video and audio tapes, through debate, as plays, dramas, enactments, as games or as stories.

Mathematics and Science

In the early years, we attempt to interest a child in environmental mathematics. In the process, we bring about the development of Lower Order Thinking Skills, e.g. classifying, comparing, ordering, patterning, measuring, counting and problem-solving with numerals. Children will also acquire Mathematical concepts and knowledge in their learning process.

Personal Development Health and Physical Education

JoyKids recognises physical education as an important aspect of a child’s development. It not only contributes to a long-term healthy lifestyle, participating in sports develops teamwork and social abilities.

Creative Development

We believe that the arts provide a unique way of seeing, thinking and knowing about ourselves and the world. Children at JoyKids are encouraged to develop creative skills through a wide variety of art forms and to use these across all areas of learning.

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