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The Second Foreign Languages Programme at JoyKids enables students to become competent communicators with the confidence and ability to interact as global citizens. Our exciting communicative and interactive approach to language learning equips students with the desirable skills and language qualifications that are increasingly becoming essential to university and career opportunities. We focus on the skills of empathy and creativity as well as developing cultural insight, understanding, and the ability to communicate effectively with a high degree of fluency and accuracy.

As Mandarin is fast becoming one of the most important languages in the world, JoyKids provides extra Mandarin classes for full-day students taught by an internationally certified teacher from China.


We live in a global and interconnected economy and we need to prepare our kids for it. In addition to teaching Mandarin, we cultivate and strengthen English speaking skills. English remains a key language in global business, science and technology and we see the importance in preparing our kids to navigate a multi-cultural workplace in which knowledge of languages and cultures other than our own will provide a competitive advantage for the future.

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