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Meet Our Team

Our staff are caring, experienced and skilled at identifying and responding to the individual needs of each child. JoyKids teaching staff are graduates in education and disciplines related to early childhood education. We also have in-house specialists who teach dance, drama, arts, cookery, sports and fitness. Many of our Assistant Teachers also hold degrees, Montessori certifications, Assistant Teaching credentials, and have long-standing careers in early childhood education.

Our senior leadership has over 15 years of Montessori classroom experience and aims to guide the personal and professional development of teaching staff while overseeing greater school operations. All of our staff are loving, creative, respectful, supportive educators who know the potential and needs of the age groups they work with.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our careers page.

Our Team


Nick (1).jpg
Mr. Nicholas John Combes

School Board Chairperson

vance (1).jpg
Mr. Vance Frusher

School Board Member

Robyn (1).jpg
Ms Robyn Combes

School Board Member

Jane3 (2).jpg
Ms Jane Goh

School Board Member

School Staff


Ms Sarah Hee
School Administrator



Ms Nadia
Head Teacher

Teachers Team

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