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Moving to Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-cultural country with a large variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children. Malaysia is experiencing a growing economy and has some beautiful family destinations a short drive or flight away. The school is situated in a quiet, safe neighbourhood with many families who have small children located nearby. There are several large shopping centres close by that contain indoor activities for children and sports clubs with various lessons available.

The quality of private health care available in Malaysia is equivalent to international standard and is relatively inexpensive. Housing and transportation quality contribute to a high standard of living in Malaysia which make it a very attractive destination for families. While Malaysians speak several languages, English is commonly spoken and people are very friendly and helpful. The weather is mainly hot and human all year round with average temperatures at about 30*C.

JoyKids’ welcoming community means that newcomers to Malaysia will be able to find support through new friends. The school staff is experienced when it comes to adjusting children to a new environment and will make every effort to ensure that children feel welcome and comfortable as they settle in.

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