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JOYKIDS Summer Camp Week 2

Our “Fun with Occupation” Summer Camp program took place during the second and final week of Summer Camp in July 2019. This program was designed to open doors for our campers to entirely new worlds, to help them understand and appreciate the responsibilities of a career, and to engage them in fun and encouraging play. The aim of our “Fun with Occupation” program to satisfy the natural curiosity and playfulness of our children, while teaching them valuable life skills at the same time. Successful would be an understatement for “Fun with Occupation”. Our campers were highly engaged in the grown up world we created for them at JOYKIDS. The JKIS Hospital kept our campers busy as they took turns being both patients and doctors, our little Chefs prepared real strawberry shortcake to take home, the JOYKIDS Firehouse had a busy morning fighting a fire, and our little Builders were a perfect team as they worked together at the JKIS Construction site. The sets of our JOYKIDS Businesses were so popular they are being integrated into our Role Play room on a smaller scale, so our students will be able to enjoy these activites next term. The highlight of our Fun with Occupation program was undoubtedly the field trip to Kidzania. With a large facility housing a miniature city, Kidzania gave our campers an opportunity to utilise the skills they had learned earlier in the week by getting jobs and earning a wage. The Kidzania money that they earned can be used towards various games and activities within the facility. The experience of working and earning a wage fosters a sense of responsibility and accomplishment in children that can be carried on throughout their life and into their own future interests and goals. “Fun with Occupation” ended on a high note with Certificates of completion handed out to our hard-working campers. Additionally, each child took home a variety of crafts they made over the course of the program. We said goodbye to our campers and sent them on to their summer holiday with a taste of independence to help them pursue their dreams as they move on to a bigger world.

Fun with Occupation: July 22 th – July 26 th 2019


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