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JOYKIDS Mid Autumn Celebration 2019

The Mid Autumn festival is a special time to celebrate with your family under the full moon, bringing you together with loved ones to enjoy traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. This year, the JOYKIDS Mid-Autumn celebration was threatened by the haze coming from the Indonesian wildfires. Thankfully, with the help of China's monsoon winds, the Haze improved only days before our event was held, giving the evening an atmosphere of joy and relief under a clear sky.

Ms. Eunice and Ms. Sue Ann began the festivities with a brief introduction and welcome. A fun and educational video presentation about the history and traditions of Mid-Autumn played next, giving insight into the meaning behind the holiday. After the video, our Mandarin class took to the stage to perform a Mid-Autumn song in Chinese. When the Mandarin class had taken their seats, Ms. Christie, Ms. Yain, Ms. Francesca, Ms. Ping, and Ms. Erin performed a lively and colourful fan dance, leading Ms. Sue Ann to quiz our more observant students about who was in the dance.

With the presentations over, our Emcees invited the guests to help themselves to the delicious potluck buffet provided by our generous parents. Pizza, Sushi, Meehoon, and Lasagna were just some of the dishes on the table, along with a variety of beverages and cakes. When our guests were finished eating they were encouraged to visit the many Mid-Autumn booths our teachers had put together for them to enjoy. There was a Food Tasting Booth, a Tea Tasting Booth, a Maze Booth, and a Lantern Making Booth. Each child was given a card with the four booth activities represented on it, once all booth activities had been ticked off the card by the booth attendant, the child could then redeem the card at the "Childhood Memory Lane" booth for a bag of old-timey treats.

Towards the end of the Mid Autumn event, we held a lantern walk around the outside of the school. The night was beautiful and our parents and children enjoyed the clean fresh air after the long weeks of hazy pollution. It was with great joy we looked back at our childhoods and shared some of these happy Mid Autumn traditions with our children. We can't wait to do it all again next year, from everyone at JOYKIDS, we wish you a Happy Mid Autumn 2019!


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