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JOYKIDS Malaysia Day Celebration 2019

We celebrated Malaysia Day 2019 with several patriotic activities designed to teach our students about beautiful Malaysia. With great anticipation, our Preschool classes boarded a bus to the KL Craft Complex to learn about traditional Malaysian artwork. While at the complex, the children were given a presentation about Batik Painting, a technique involving wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth to form intricate patterns. The history of Batik in Malaysia is significant, with Batik being mentioned in the 17th century Malay Annals. At the complex, students were encouraged to make their own Batik using child-safe materials. Proudly they brought their Batik paintings back to the school.

Meanwhile back in Joykids, Pre-Nursery and Nursery students assembled in the music room where they learned to stand respectfully for the National Anthem. After the Anthem had been sung the children gathered in Nursery 3’s classroom to participate in a “Traditional Malay Costume” fashion show. One by one our students walked the catwalk and showed us their best poses, modeling a variety of clothing styles with Malay, Chinese, and Indian origins. Once the fashion show finished, each class returned to their room to create pieces of artwork using historical patterns. With the festivities completed, our happy students returned home to their parents, excited to continue their Malaysia Day celebrations at home.


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