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JOYKIDS Deepavali Celebration 2019

Deepavali, the festival of lights, was bright and colourful this year at JOYKIDS International Preschool. Teachers and students alike dressed in their most brilliant Indian costumes, giving the whole school an air of cheerful celebration. The day started with the students’ arrival and a photo session against our beautiful Deepavali backdrop, allowing us to capture the memory of these festive costumes. After each class had their photos taken, children gathered outside to watch the Preschool classes perform a Bollywood inspired dance and sing a classic Deepavali song.

Still smiling from the excitement of the dance, the students headed back inside to participate in Deepavali activities that had been prepared for them. While learning more about the festival of lights, students crafted beautiful Rangoli decorations using paper plates and cut out coloured paper. Once the crafts had been made and were safely set out to dry, Traditional sweets were brought out to be tasted. One by one the sweets were named and passed around so each student could taste and determine if they enjoyed the sweet or not. It was a joy to see the surprised faces on the children as they sampled these treats, ending our Deepavali celebration on a sweet note.


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