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Christmas Bazaar 2018

It was indeed a Merry Christmas here at JOYKIDS as we celebrated our yearly Christmas Charity Bazaar. Our Bazaar featured fun and games for the children and stalls that offered a variety of products for parents and visitors. At the heart of this tradition is the practice of giving to bless the community. This year, all proceeds and donations from our Joykids Christmas Charity Bazaar were presented to Rumah Juara & SUKA Society.

Parents and visitors were greeted with the smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries as they walked into a carnival like atmosphere. Over 20 vendors participated in this charity event that saw a good mix of products and services. There were a variety of food and beverages, consisting of cakes, pastries, pizzas and coffee. There were also various beauty and skincare products, manicures and henna, leather products, clothing apparels, gift items and preloved items.

While the adults were busy shopping the children were busy with the many art and craft booths featuring Christmas themes that were manned by our JOYKIDS teaching staff. This year, Santa made a surprise appearance, passing out gifts and taking pictures with the children and their families. The children had a fun time making gingerbread cookies, snowman crafts, and fingerprint cards. However, it was the bouncy castle that stole the children’s hearts as they jumped and laughed in delight.

As the charity bazaar went on the parents and visitors were treated to a ballet performance by some of our talented students. Our Ballet Class performed ‘Swan Lake’ in their most adorable ballerina outfits. As our ballerinas took a final bow and the applause from their adoring fans died down, the teachers took to the stage singing Christmas carols with the crowd. Everyone enjoyed the spirit of Christmas cheer as they sang and laughed together.

Thanks to the efforts of all who had contributed their time, effort and support, the school managed to raise more money to support the community work at Rumah Juara & SUKA Society than in any year previous. Thank you to everyone involved!

Merry Christmas!


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