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Chinese New Year Celebration 2019

JOYKIDS celebrated Chinese New Year with a flourish in 2019, setting a standard of excellence for the years to come. The first items on our event agenda were performances by our Mandarin class, our entire student body, and our teachers. With each performance we felt our cares and worries melt away. The smiling faces on each child, and the care they took in every dance move touched our hearts. After the performances finished, we watched video tutorials on crafts that represent Chinese New Year. Each table was given the materials they needed to create the craft themselves. Both students and parents were engaged in activities and we could see the families getting closer to each other as they worked together to finish these tasks.

Of all the items on our agenda, the one we all looked forward to the most was the Lou Sang. Each delicious item on the plate represents wealth and good fortune. Coming together as a group we tossed the Lou Sang into the new year with wishes for the year to come. As we participated in this event we felt like part of a family, a unique family with many members from many countries, all coming together to celebrate with each other and welcome in a new year of prosperity and health. It was such a joy to experience Chinese New Year together in 2019. The memories we made and the traditions we learned will be carried with us throughout the rest of the year.


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