JOYFUL MELODIES Children’s Concert 2019
4th July 2019
JOYKIDS Summer Camp Week 2
15th August 2019

JOYKIDS Summer Camp - Fun with Fitness

At JOYKIDS we kick start each summer holiday with two weeks of Kids Summer Camp, with sessions designed to challenge the campers in a fun and safe environment. On the 15th of July 2019 we began the first session: “Fun with Fitness”. Our “Fun with Fitness” program was designed to build the confidence of campers while engaging them in healthy physical activities.

Each day of camp was given a sports theme, with a different skill highlighted every day. Our campers learned how to play Soccer, tried their hand at Gymnastics, gave Badminton a go, and took to the pool for some summer Swimming fun! In addition to these main activities, the program included tastes of other activities such as an Obstacle Course, a Balance Beam, Hula Hooping, and Yoga. The highlight of the program was a field trip to Camp 5, One Utama’s iconic rock climbing facility. At Camp 5 our campers challenged themselves, faced their fears, and gained confidence while they climbed to dizzying heights.

Upon finishing “Fun with Fitness”, the children were awarded with a certificate of completion. This recognition further encourages them to persevere and reach their goals. Each child also took home a personalized Jersey they had made during the camp, as well as fond memories to carry them through the summer months.

Fun with Fitness: